Saturday, April 18, 2009


EASTER SUNDAY was wonderful an crazy. I led the choir (for 2 numbers), and Derek and I gave the opening and closing prayers. I also brought 2 vases of flowers and a large picture of Christ from home to decorate with. During 3rd hour I led the music for a gal who had just had a baby. During sacrament (which was othrewise wonderful), Wesley and David broke out in a full-blow fight, hitting and screaming at each other. Derek was trying to feed the baby some cereal (we had to get to church early to warm up the choir and hadn't fed him breakfast), and keep things calm while I was saying the opening prayer. For the rest of the meeting, Derek was out in the hall with one or more of the children (until of course the closing prayer which he made an appearance for). The wonderful part of Easter was getting each of the kids a "Jesus" present which was meaningful and not just fun (thanks to grandma and grandpa Keller for their generosity in helping us buy the gifts!). Wesley got a childrens' book about kids going back to the time of Jesus, David got a bible coloring book, and Keller got a figurine of Lehi from the book of Mormon. I got the book "reflections of Christ" which is so amazing; it is full of photographs of the Savior's life. The photographer was the AP in my mission, Mark Mabry. The children seem to really be affected by the photos as I had just told them the Easter story. Derek got the Tabernacle Choir's newest CD called "come thou Fount" its wonderful. Despite the craziness, Easter turned out to be a beautiful day after all! How grateful we are for the emtpy tomb on that Easter morning, for the hope that the resurrection brings and for the ways in which Christ's atonement influences our lives each day.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Jensen "Dudes"

Thanksgiving 2008

The boys!

We love our boys!!!!!

Adam William Jensen

Adam William Jensen (a.k.a. gubernator) age: 6 months * favorite food: Mama milk * favorite activity: being doted on by his big brothers *best traits: happy, patient, enduring, fun