Thursday, August 19, 2010's.......

A Girl!

I am trying to recover from the shock. I didn't put down my own prediction, but I really thought it was going to be another boy. I am thrilled to think that there will be a little girl coming into our lives and a little nervous; will I know what to do with her after all this boy training? When the midwife told us it was a girl I laughed and then cried and then smiled for a long time as I saw her sweet, healthy little body on the screen. Later I went to Walmart and wandered past the baby clothes, I immediately looked at the little boy things, then realized I could finally pick out something pink, so I did! Then I glanced over at the teenage girl things and realized that I was in for way more than just switching newborn pajama colors, and planning a totally sweet, feminine nursery; I would someday have a little girl who would become a young woman, who (I hope) would become a mother and grandmother. There is so much to learn. Derek does such a fantastic job of teaching our boys how to be the model father. Will I be able to do the same for our little one? It's not too shameful that I am horrible at football and baseball because moms get points just for trying, but will I be able to teach my daughter how to cook and organize, sew and budget and more importantly, will I be the kind of role model she needs me to be? Will she say someday as I say so often "I learned it by watching my Mom". Will she want to become a mother someday because she sees in me all the joy that comes with motherhood? Will she want to hold fast to her testimony because she knew that her mother held fast to hers? Will she want to know the Savior because her mother sought to know Him? I can only do my best, take things one day at a time and pray that I can be all those things I think a little girl deserves in a mother.

p.s. here is the breakdown of the votes:

Girl predictions: 13
Boy predictions:11 (12 if you count my own)
Neutral: 4

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Five little boys or a little sister?

Yes! For those of you who don't know we will be welcoming a new member of the Jensen Family into our home in early January 2011. This little one was a delightful surprise for us and we are sure that the timing of this baby is meant to be. This has been my hardest pregnancy by far, but fortunately I think the worst is behind me. The big question is...will the baby be a boy or a girl? I am not sure if I am more intimidated by the idea of having 5 boys or of having a girl after having all boy babies.

This Thursday I will get my ultrasound! Anyone who wishes to
make a guess as to the gender, comment below, I'll make
sure to post the ultrasound results!

Wesley's Baptism

Wesley was baptized on July 3, 2010,
just one day after his 8th birthday.
It was such a beautiful day!

Those who attended the Baptism included: Derek, Sara, David, Keller and Adam Jensen, Grandpa Ivan Keller, Nini (Grandma Judy Keller), Grandpa Jack Jensen, Uncle Burke Jensen, Aunt Debbie and cousins Jasmine, Garrison and Victor Paquette, Aunts Becky, and Chrissy Keller, Aunt Stacey and Cousins Abby and Spencer Thompson, Vaughn and Liz Stephensen, Teresa, Kylie, Hallie, Ester and Miriam Moldenhauer and Sister Erica Hill from the Primary presidency and Brother Andy Johnson from the Bishopbric.

Uncle Nate (who was in Europe) asked us to record an interview of Wesley telling us his thoughts about baptism. I was so glad to hear his sweet testimony about why he had made this important
decision and of the importance of baptism.

Because it was the fourth of July weekend, we had fun celebrating the holiday by going to the parade, eating out at Wesley's favorite pizza place and setting off some fireworks.

Some of our guests traveled very far to come and others came despite extremely busy schedules and car trouble. We felt so loved and blessed by each one who sacrificed to be there.

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Keller Family reunion 2010

This year was our extended Family reunion At Bear Lake, sadly since I was in charge of planning it I kept so busy trying to make sure all was going smoothly that I did not take one photo of the event with my own camera. Fortunately we had many great photographers who captured some of our sweetest moments...

Each evening we gathered together and shared faith promoting stories about our ancestors.

The cousins got to know one another by participating in
structured (and not so structured) activities together.
We spent a full day at North Beach boating and playing in the sand.
One of our days was dedicated largely to mini-classes taught by family members who were willing to share their talents, one highlight was watching kids and adults participating in Andrew Ning's Taekwando class!
The first arrivals treated themselves to a pizza dinner at the local pizza place. Between the three families we had nine boy cousins (and no girl cousins) sitting at our large table!

It was a beautiful week!