Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween and Anniversary Celebrations

 This year for Halloween Wesley was a Padres baseball player, Adam was Elmo, Keller was Batman and David Was a football player (in total he played for 3 teams on 3 separate days).

The week of Halloween was really busy; on Thursday I hosted a preschool Halloween party at our house for Keller's Class, on Friday I volunteered in Wesley and David's classes for their class parties and later that evening we went to a Halloween party at the church (dressed as BYU football fans), the next evening we took the kids trick-or-treating.

For our anniversary this year the kids surprised us by decorating the house with little hearts while we were out to dinner.  It was such a sweet surprise.  It was so fun to see their little faces as we came home watching for our reaction to their surprise.


Happy Birthday to Baby Adam!

 Adam Celebrated his 2nd birthday on September 7th.  What a dear little soul he is turning into.  Now that he can talk, he says such charming things (and of course a few very naughty things too).  He is very thankful and never misses a chance to say "thank you", I then say "you're welcome" to which he responds: "you're welcome". When he is in a really good mood it seems the answer to every question is (in a sweet tone): "Yes".  The answer to everything is "no" when he's missed a nap, or feeling grumpy.  He is adored by his older brothers who teach him how to make forts in the basement, play football and be "tough".  Little Adam is such a sweet little prince and so much fun to be around!

Here is a picture of Adam with the one present he got (with funds donated by both sets of Grandparents and Mom and Dad)

 Some of Adam's hobbies include drawing.....  

Helping to clean up.....

And hanging out with Mom (I am hoping he does ok with the new baby coming in January!)

Back to school

I always have mixed emotions on the first day of school...I know that being in a structured learning environment is beneficial, and I know how much my kids love learning and seeing their friends, but I still cry every time they get on the bus for that first day...

Wesley Started 3rd grade this year and is still enrolled in the gifted program, which he is enjoying.

 David started first grade which means ALL day school.  As a last minute change, he was put into a different class than the one we went to visit for the open house just before school, this was pretty emotional for a little person who had friends in the other class, but we all survived the emotions and he is now feeling great about his class and teacher:)

Keller is doing his second year of preschool before he starts kindergarten
I am loving that I still have these little guys at home with me for a while.  They are a joy to spend time with (well, mostly!).