Sunday, October 28, 2012

Keller's Graduations

Keller's Kindergarten teacher did so much more for him than teach him the ABC's.  She helped him to believe in himself and have the courage to communicate with his peers in class.  I wish that every child could have a teacher like Mrs. Sutton!

Keller and Ester.  I am so thankful for dear friends!

"Let's play Music" is amazing!!!

Derek got home from Europe the day before music-class graduation:)

Easter Sunday 2012

 I love that photos capture sweetness that you maybe didn't recognize at the moment you were  snapping the picture.  On this (Easter) Sunday the kids were acting so crazy, I couldn't get them to all be calm enough to take a photo with all of them together as is our Easter tradition.  In the end I gave up and got really mad at all of them...Now (many months later), I look at these photos and know how precious that day really was (despite their unruly behavior).  I am thankful for the gift of time that allows us to see things more clearly:).  I guess that is the message of Easter, to recognize that all that is imperfect can in time be made perfect through the atonement of Jesus Christ.

brotherly love

Keller with his first missing tooth

They wear these home-made bow ties to humor me:)

Jensen Boys

Jensen Gals



Happy Easter

Daddy's Trip to Europe

For 24 days (from the end of April to the middle of May) Derek was in Europe as a professor for BYU-Idaho's study abroad program.  I was really anxious about having  him go, but we all survived his trip (with help from my sister Becky and my Parents who came to visit us for part of that time).  The best part of Derek going away was how much it made us appreciate each other. My favorite thing was getting sweet, romantic text messages from across the ocean; when Derek returned I told him he could go to Europe any time he wanted as long as he would be that excited to come home to us.

Homeschool Adventure

From January to the end  of May David had school at home.  He had been really struggling in his class (not academically, but emotionally) and asked over and over if he could stay home from school.  One day we talked about having school at home and he said: "Mom would you ever do that for me?"  I could tell at that moment what a huge blessing it would be if I could find the strength to do it.  I knew that I could never be a real replacement for the school system, especially with 2 small children at home with us all day, but that wasn't my goal.  My goal was to help him feel loved and capable and to try to teach him something along the way.  Looking back on our time together I can say that it was a success (only I really didn't feel that way at the time).  It was one of the most difficult challenges I have ever faced, but we got through it!  This year David is back at school and thriving.  Despite the  challenges we faced during our homeschool adventure together, I am thankful for the opportunity I had to do that for David and we  are both extremely grateful for the blessing of public school:).