Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Doubly Blessed

I never thought that two TINY people...could bring such an ENORMOUS amount of joy!

I've never slept less.... and never smiled more.

I've never been this hungry (trying to nurse 2 little guys)...and never eaten this well (thank you to all those who lovingly prepared delicious meals for our family!!!!)
I've never had such a messy house...    
...Until my sweet neighbors and friends came to clean it for me (and not just once!!)
Derek has never looked so handsome...as he does when he's snuggling a baby.
I've never felt so close to my mom...as I did while watching her folding my laundry (all 49 loads!), loving my babies (and big kids), seeing her cry when we talked about all the miracles we've witnessed with these little ones and knowing that she went through this 10 times!!


I've never seen my "little kids" act so big...

 ... as they did when there was no one home but them to help Mom with really hard jobs!

I've never seen my tough "big kids" soften up....

...like they do when a baby falls asleep on them.

I've never felt so certain I can't do it on my own...until The Lord showed me I don't have to.